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The Workmen Compensation Laws


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What is The Workmen Compensation Laws

As the name indicates, the Workmen’s Compensation Act is designed to provide compensation to an employee when he is disabled during the course of his work. It also provides compensation in case death is caused during an accident at his work. The workmen compensation laws target a particular class of employers- and provide relief to his workmen in case injury or death is caused during his work.

Who Can Be Considered Workmen under the Workmen Compensation Laws?

It can refer to any employee with the following exceptions

  1. The act does not cover casual workers or
  2. Workers who are not directly employed in the business of the employer

Apart from these exceptions under the workmen compensation laws, a workman is understood to be a person who satisfies the following criteria:

  • A railway servant who does not enjoy permanent employment in any of the administrative, district or sub divisional offices of the railways. This includes the specifications under schedule 2
  • It includes all employees under the above provisions; whether the contract for labour was undertaken before or after the Act was passed. It includes all contracts-written, oral or implied.
  • The Workmen Compensation laws also include cooks using mechanical cooking methods employed in hotels and other facilities.

Which Employees Are Covered Under The Workmen Compensation Laws?

All employees are covered under the workmen compensation laws. This includes the employees who have been employed under a contractor. It excludes casual workers and those workers who are not a part of the employer’s business. A deemed employee who is injured due to an accident during the course of his work is entitled to compensation.

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