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Stipulations under the Workmen Compensation Laws


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Stipulations under the Workmen Compensation Laws Regarding Civil Remedies and Appeals Thereof

A person may make an appeal against an order of the commissioner within 60 days of that order being made. Also, the employer needs to deposit the total compensation before such an appeal is made.

Another stipulation under the workmen compensation laws is that the injured workman will lose all rights to compensation if he has already filed a case for damages due to the injury in a civil court. This law will be valid even if the workman has filed the case against another person or the employer. The laws stipulate that a workman will not maintain a suit for damages in any court of law with regard to this injury under the following conditions:

  • If the injured workman has already filed for compensation against the injury before a commissioner.
  • The workman has already come to an agreement with the employer regarding a suitable compensation being provided against the injury.

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