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Duties of Employers and Employees under the Workmen Compensation Laws


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What Are The Duties Of The Employers Under The Workmen Compensation Laws?

According to the act, employers have the following duties:

  1. To pay compensation to an employee if he has suffered an injury under the provisions of the act.
  2. To provide a statement to the commissioner in the provided format if an employee has suffered death due to an accident under the act. This statement should provide in details the exact nature of the accident resulting in the death of the employee. It should also detail the amount of compensation to be paid, if any. This should be done within 30 days of the employer getting the notice.
  3. The employer should also submit an accident report in the prescribed format within 7 days of the accident having taken place- if it has resulted in an injury or death to an employee.
  4. The employer should also maintain a notice book in the provided format at a place easily reachable for the workman.
  5. The employer should also provide an account of the annual number of accidents resulting in injuries. This account should include details laid down by the workmen compensation laws about compensation paid.

What Are The Duties Of The Employees Under The Workmen Compensation Laws?

According to the Workmen Compensation laws, an employee has the following duties:

  1. The employee must send a notice about the accident in the correct format to the commissioner as soon as it is practical for him to do so. Since this notice is a precondition for the acceptance of a compensation claim, an employee should provide it as soon as it is possible for him.
  2. If the employer deems it necessary, the employee must make himself available for a medical examination.

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