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We are here to help you in the most professionally, so that our users can solve every legal issue of life more effectively. MyQuickLawyers.com and QuickHealthInsurance Group Inc. along with its business subsidiaries and parent organizations (known as "QHI Group", as a whole) give users' privacy the top priority. MyQuickLawyers.com and QuickHealthInsurance Group Inc. are dedicated and extremely strict about the security of data transmission, server and user's personal data; for example, name, residential address, office address, contact number, email id etc. The Privacy Policy is purposefully designed in order that the users can make conversant decisions about how their personal data will be received and estimated.

The Privacy Policy includes privacy and also the data sharing policies of MyQuickLawyers.com and QuickHealthInsurance Group Inc. The policies include:

  • Which data of the users will be collected
  • Who is going to collect the data
  • How the data would be used
  • Whom the data will be shared with
  • What options the user will get regarding data collection, data usage and data distribution
  • Which security process will be used to safeguard user's data against any sort of modification, abuse or loss under the control of MyQuickLawyers.com and QuickHealthInsurance Group Inc.

We deem giving value to the user's privacy as our greatest liability. We have designed the subsequent policy strategies with the basic respect to a user's right to confidentiality. Our strategies regarding collection, protection, distribution of the user's data during his or her visit to the site are stated below.

We provide customers with our service for free. Our site is funded by different insurers as well as agents and affordable health plan providers who sponsor our company for sharing the data submitted by the users looking for quotes.

Individually Identifiable Data

Our website offers a simple online form to the users including people as well as groups to fill out with restricted personal information to ease quote processing. We accumulate user's data (such as email address and physical address) and demographic data (such as state, province, gender and age).

Distribution of Individually Identifiable Data

We share user's individual identifiable data with maximum 3 insurers, brokers or representatives of affordable health plans, so that they can deliver respective user a quote, provided if they have any new or special information to provide. We ensure that every user will have professional quality experience with us; an experience that we may provide to our families and friends too.

User's demographic as well as contact info may be shared with our marketing associates so that they can make exciting and lucrative offers to the user in arenas of his or her interests. We think a user will prefer to have such offers.


A user may limit our right to use his or her data. Being a user of our website or service, you may opt out to use your data by mentioning the limitations when sought.


Every individually identifiable data accumulated on our website is safely and securely stocked up on our database. We use state-of-art SSL encryption technology to safeguard user's data. Access to the data stocked up on our database is strictly limited to authorized persons only.

Links to websites

Our website may or may not contain other sites' links. When a user will click on any of those links, he or she will be clicking to another site, not ours. We are not accountable for the privacy policy or content of these sites. We rather encourage our users to read the privacy policy of such websites as their privacy policy is different from ours.

We consider Internet as a wonderful way for searching services or products, and knowing about different programs and choosing the right one as per one's requirements. However, we do our best to assure our users that they will always get secure and professional experience with us.

For any query regarding our privacy statements, users may communicate with us at :

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