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Debt Relief is Possible Even If You are Deep in Debt

Are you finding it hard to manage your medical bills, credit cards, p;ay day loans as well as other bills? Well, if that is so, then you can go in for debt relief programs. When it comes to debt relief programs, you will come into terms with various debt relief programs including settlement, debt management and consolidation. You can come up with the best possible option by going in for a free counseling session.

How to Use The Debt Relief Options for Your Benefit

Let us take a look at some of the debt relief options:

  • Consolidation Programs:
  • If you are in search of lower rates of interest and wish to make your payments at one time, then the consolidation programs will work best for you. If you choose good company, then they will negotiate on your behalf and help you with the following advantages:

    • Lower interest rates
    • Waived off and lowered late fees
    • Reduced monthly payments
    • Single monthly payments
    • Free from harassing calls from collection agencies and creditors

    Purpose of a consolidation program:

    • Bill consolidation:
    • If you are not able to pay your medical bills on time or go in for utility payments then you need to go in for bill consolidation. In simpler words, with bill consolidation you will be able to come out of your debt burden. Store cards, personal loans and credit cards are also included in debt relief plans or programs.

    • Credit card consolidation:
    • If you are not able to manage credit cards in an effective manner, then make sure to opt for credit card consolidation. With the help of credit card relief plans you will be able to consolidate several bills into one monthly bill.

  • Debt settlement
  • By going in for this plan, the settlement organization will negotiate on your behalf for lowering the outstanding balance. Settlement is an ideal way through which get credit card debt relief particularly if you have several cards and are not in a position to pay minimum monthly installments.

    The advantages associated with this plan are as follows:

    • You don't require filing bankruptcy
    • You will no longer get calls from the collection agencies and creditors
    • You can now keep off from wage garnishment and lawsuits
    • No or lowered late payment fees as well as over limit charges
    • Single monthly payments
  • Debt management:
  • By going in for this debt relief plan, you will find that the credit counseling agency will evaluate your financial status and negotiate on your behalf with the creditors. The aim is to help you make your monthly payments in a comfortable manner. Rather than paying the creditors, you can send monthly payments to the credit counselor. The counselor then distributes the payment among the creditors.

    Some of the benefits that you are likely to enjoy by going in for this plan are as follows:

    • Keep off from collection agencies' calls and creditors' calls
    • Waived off extra charges and late fees
    • Reduced monthly payments
    • Low interest rates
  • Self repayment plan
  • With the help of this plan you will be able to keep a control over your debts. A professional counselor will help you prepare a list of the unpaid debts and then prioritize them as per your requirement. Some of the benefits that you will get by going in for this program are as follows:

    • You will be able to clear your bills on your own without taking anyboday's help
    • You don't need to hire a third party
    • Make sure to keep a track of your budget and control your finances
  • Bankruptcy
  • You have the right to file chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy when all debt relief plans fail. In simple words, if all rays of hope fail, then this turns out to be the only option that you have by your side. After all, this option is not recommended as bankruptcy may ruin your credit score and thereby curbs you from qualifying for credit and loans. Hence, it would be advisable on your part not to go in for bankruptcy.

How to find best debt relief companies

Some of the ways through which you can look for the best debt relief companies are as follows:

  • You need to keep a check on the profile as well as the track record of the debt relief organizations you intend to work with.
  • You need to also keep a track of the testimonials posted by the clients. This will help you know whether the existing customers are happy with the services offered by company or not.
  • An ideal debt relief company is usually one that offers a moderate fee structure. You need to go in for the company that offers best services but at the lowest possible rates.
  • If you are truly interested to get free of debt, then make sure to check the accreditation of the company. Be sure to go in for an organization that is certified by IAPDA or TASC.

Debt relief is possible in all circumstances, i.e. even if you are having a lot of debt. So, make sure to take the initiative and have a word with the creditors to see whether things are working well or not. In spite of this, if the ball is not in your court then you need to seek professional help.

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