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Carriage of Goods by Air


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Carriage of Goods by Air

The transportation of goods by air is currently regulated by laws under The Carriage by Air Act of 1972. The laws apply to carriage both on domestic flights as well as on cargo carried on international flights. The following are a list of relevant documents considered whenever cargo is carried by air:

The Passenger Ticket

the ticket that the carrier issues to the passenger must have a list of the following details:

  • The date and the place where it was issued
  • Details regarding the starting and ending of the flight
  • A previously agreed upon halting place
  • Details regarding the name and the address of the carrier
  • 5. A statement to the effect that the transportation is subject to the liabilities mentioned The contract of transportation remains valid through the journey, even if the passenger ticket is lost. However, if the carrier carries a passenger without a valid ticket, his limited liability is no longer valid.

Baggage Check

A baggage check must be handed out at the time of transportation and this must contain the following specifics:

  • The date and place where it was issued
  • Details regarding the departure and destination
  • Details regarding the carrier-its name, address etc.
  • The exact number of passenger tickets issued
  • A statement to the effect that the carrier will deliver the baggage to the person bearing the baggage check details
  • Details regarding the weight and number of the goods being carried
  • Specifics regarding the value of the baggage according to rule 22(2)
  • Also included is a statement to the effect that the carrier is subject to the rules of liability. It should be noted that a failure to provide documents as under 4, 6 and 8 would result in the carrier no longer being subject to the advantages of limited liability.

The Airway Bill

This is provided by the consignor to the carrier. 3 copies of this document are prepared and are handed out to the following:

  • The Carrier
  • The Consignee
  • The Consignor

The details contained in this bill are the responsibility of the consignor. If the details are incomplete in any way, the consignor must bear the result of damages. It is the most important document proving the contract, delivery of the articles as well as proof regarding the nature and quality of the goods.

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